Antsy Nancy does it all … and so can you!

Antsy Nancy provides “how to” skills classes for home, health, and happiness.

Master skills classes are designed for beginners with new DIY projects offered every month. Categories include Arts & Crafts, Cooking & Entertaining, Gardening & Landscaping, Holiday Projects, Home Decorating, and Health, Wellness & Beauty.

Expert instruction, tools and materials are all provided. Each class results in a new skill learned and a successful project for students to share with family and friends.

Class registrations are made online at Antsy-Nancy.com.

Learning a new skill that culminates in a successful project provides students with immediate gratification. Students feel proud, confident, and more capable.

Being taught skills by knowledgeable instructors who encourage, compliment and listen empower learners to succeed.

Being among other beginners, learners find themselves in a safe-haven and welcoming community.