Monica Barker

Monica Barker

Founder, Monica Barker of Ten Outfits Ten Rooms, a style, wardrobe, and interior, exterior décor consulting business transforms you and your home from ordinary to extraordinary. Her honesty, charisma and direct approach helps undue years of focusing on limitations and flaws and redirects clients to a confident well put together version of themselves and a home that elevates stylish living!

She has styled clients with all budgets in mind, evaluated closets of every size, personal shopped with her sharp eye resulting in 100% successes. Her gorgeous eye for detail has also helped clients re-event their home with essentials needed for a balanced beautiful décor.

 With her entrepreneurial spirit her past accomplishments include owning Timeless an upscale designer, vintage consignment store in Palo Alto, California, and Tiger Lily Kitchen a catering and personal chef business. Her newest enterprise is Tiger Lily Table Rentals, a beautiful one of a kind collection of fine china, glassware and table decor for weddings, special occasion events, corporate events and photo shoots along with an online shop (

Her hobbies include photography, painting, cooking, and gardening when she’s not watching a great movie or hiking with her husband Scott!

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