Celebrity Chef Recipes: Bobby Flay’s Ancho Chile-Honey Glazed Salmon and Toasted Coconut Layer Cake

Class Date:

March 8, 2024

Class Time:

6:00 pm

Event Location:

Antsy Nancy

Antsy Nancy’s first Celebrity Chef cooking class menu is from Bobby Flay’s, Mesa Grill restaurant, formerly located in Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.* Bobby Flay is an American celebrity chef, restaurateur, and reality TV star. Flay owns and is executive chef of several restaurants and franchises and has earned four Daytime Emmy Awards for his work with Food Network.

This menu is perfect for maximizing spices we find locally.

Cooking Class Menu: 

  • Entree: Ancho Chile-Honey Glazed Salmon served with Roasted Asparagus & Mushroom Salad (hands-on student cooking) 
  • Dessert: Toasted Coconut Layer Cake (Instructor demonstration)

Students 21 years + are welcome to bring their own wine, champagne, beer, etc. to enjoy during class. Please see our BYOB policy for more details.

*It’s likely unnecessary but prudent to note that Bobby Flay will not be instructing or attending this cooking class. Likewise, neither Flay nor Mesa Grill have endorsed or sponsored this class. The recipes featured are available online and Antsy Nancy does not take any credit for the creation of these recipes. Our objective is to improve our students culinary skills by emulating the highly regarded recipes of master chefs.

Event Timelines

What you will learn

Students will learn how to create a meal made famous by a celebrity chef. In-person students will receive chef instruction with extensive hands-on learning. Class will end by enjoying the dinner prepared.

What to expect

Upon check-in, students are provided aprons and storage for personal items before visiting the handwashing station. Students will be seated in a thoroughly cleaned and sanitized workspace and given seating request preference, when available. Tools and materials will be distributed before instructor takes the class step-by-step through the successful recipe execution.

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Event Location:

Total Seats: 16 (12 Available)
  • Antsy Nancy
  • 5655 E River Rd., #101
  • Tucson
  • AZ
  • 85750
  • USA

Date and Time

  • March 8, 2024 6:00 pm   -   8:00 pm