Miriam Vareldzis

Miriam Vareldzis, founder/nose/creative director of PALETTE NATURALS® has been intimately involved with fragrance development and natural perfumery from deep within the beauty & fragrance industry. From the heart of New York City to the Indie Beauty & Niche Perfumery movements on the west coast of the USA, her expertise spans Indie to Industry™.

Over the course of her 30 year career, Miriam has worked behind the scenes at global fragrance houses IFF, Agilex and Robertet, delved into natural perfumery and the sourcing of botanical ingredients, has been guided by olfactive mentors, trained to smell by world class perfumers, and developed fine-fragrances, haircare, personal care and home scent for international beauty brands, niche start-ups and celebrities.

Designing the master-classes “The Art & Poetry of Perfumery”, and her signature “A Journey through the Genealogy of Scent” an intensive, natural-materials and olfactive language training, Miriam has trained formulation teams, aspiring noses, seasoned professionals and clean-beauty entrepreneurs.

Along the way she took a turn designing & formulating her own award-winning Niche Perfume collection in 2010, 40notes Perfume™.

With her newest venture Palette Naturals®, a line of 100% natural perfumery blending accords introduced in 2017, she is dedicated to bringing truth in materials, ingredient transparency, and provide accessibility to natural perfumery scent formulation. www.palettenaturals.com

As part of her mission with Palette Naturals, Miriam speaks, teaches, and advises in the language of olfaction, the art of perfumery, and natural scent design.

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