How to Plan 25 Days of (naughty & nice) Elf on a Shelf 111722

Class Date:

November 17, 2022

Class Time:

6:00 pm

Event Location:

Antsy Nancy

Ready to make Elf on the Shelf a holiday tradition in your home? Already have an Elf and already starting to sweat the responsibility? We get it, moving the elf somewhere creative every night can be stressful. We have over a hundred Elf on the Shelf ideas! In one night, you’ll create your 25 day Elf calendar, along with a secret stash of props and costumes that will make your Elf tradition more magical for your kiddos and more simple for you!

As a special treat, we’ll serve up a naughty & nice cocoa and coffee bar!


Event Timelines

What you will learn

Students will pre-plan all 25 days of Elf on a Shelf, allowing for flexibility when Elf decides to be naughty instead of nice. Learn tips and tricks for how to handle sticky situations when Elf doesn't move or accidentally gets touched.

What to expect

Upon check-in, students are provided aprons and storage for personal items before visiting the handwashing station. Refreshments will be self-served prior to settling into a thoroughly cleaned and sanitized workspace. Class will begin with a brief presentation; providing overview, background information, project relevance, and sample ideas. Tools and materials will be distributed before instructor takes the class through the list of ideas, along with the corresponding props and costumes. Each attendee will receive a package of props that they will cut and assemble to accompany their daily ideas. In addition, attendees will also hand-sew pre-cut Elf costumes that are guaranteed to put big smiles on your kiddos faces.

Class Registration:

Class Instruction Fee:

24 Available
Price $45.00

Class Materials Fee: Materials are required for each in-person registrant (Parent & Child Classes = 1 Registrant and require 1 Materials Fee)

Class Materials
24 Available
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Event Location:

  • Antsy Nancy
  • 5655 E River Rd., #101
  • Tucson
  • AZ
  • USA

Date and Time

  • November 17, 2022 6:00 pm   -   8:00 pm