The country clubs, that is. Swimming pools, golf courses, 4-star dining, and regularly scheduled classes with Antsy Nancy. What more could a country club member ask for?

Since opening in October 2021, Antsy Nancy has enjoyed providing on-going, regularly scheduled classes for the members of both The Lodge at Ventana Canyon and The Gallery. This year, we’re thrilled to add both La Paloma Country Club and Skyline Country Club to that amazing lineup.

Providing classes to the members of these exclusive clubs is beneficial to all parties involved. Clubs are able to offer a very diverse activities program, working with a consistent and reliable source. Club members are able to take classes at the club they love, at a discounted rate, because the club is providing the venue, all class marketing, invitation and registration support. For Antsy Nancy, the exposure to dozens of potential new customers is incredible and regularly leads to new customers at the River and Craycroft location, near Whole Foods.

Some of the most requested off-site classes include Charcuterie Boards, Holiday Crafts, Cookie Decorating with Royal Icing, and Wine Glass Etching.

About Antsy Nancy LLC:

Antsy Nancy provides “how to” skills classes for home, health, and happiness.

Master skills classes are designed for beginners with new DIY projects offered every month. Categories include Arts & Crafts, Cooking & Entertaining, Gardening & Landscaping, Holiday Projects, Home Decorating, and Health, Wellness & Beauty.

Expert instruction, tools and materials are all provided. Each class results in a new skill learned and a successful project for students to share with family and friends.

Class registrations are made online at

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